"Transfer of power" changes the global medica…

On December 27th, the “International Book of the Yellow Paper” released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing stated that the world's current situation is still in a transitional period. During this process, there has been a shift and spread of power. Power h

Technical guidance for dairy cows feeding silage

Feeding quantity The amount of silage administered should be determined based on the weight of the adult cow and the amount of milk produced. 1. A lactating cow with a body weight of 500 kg and a daily milk production of 25 kg or more can feed about 25 kg of silage each day and about 5 kg of hay

Jujube management five errors

First, only the winter shear, but ignore the summer pipe jujube tree shear can adjust the tree vigor, improve the internal ventilation and light conditions of the crown, help to concentrate nutrients, improve the jujube fruit quality in the following year. "The winter cuts a long tree and the

Jiangxi to achieve children's two diseases free of …

In 2011, the election activities of the nation’s top ten most influential medical reform initiatives were announced. The “Full Coverage for the Reimbursement of Jiangxi Children for Two Diseases” was selected. This is the success of the “Bright Smile” project

Frozen injury of rape should be prevented early

Rapeseed is susceptible to freezing injury at low temperatures, especially for rape which is better in autumn, because the leaves are green and the leaves are tender and are more likely to suffer freezing damage at low temperature. According to the survey, the degree of freezing has a strong relati

Cold winter vegetables precautions

First, we must improve the ability of vegetables to resist disease. There are two methods: 1. Foliar application of new high-fat membranes to supplement plant growth requirements and improve plant resistance to disease. Under normal circumstances, potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed 300

Low temperature and high humidity lettuce in winter and…

Lettuce is an early vegetable listed in the early spring, and the cultivation technology is simple. In recent years, the planting area has been continuously expanded, but with the increase of the planting period, downy mildew and other diseases have also been increasing year by year, and attention