JMT mechanical cotton wool removal machine

This machine is developed and produced by Yizheng Huayu Machinery Factory of Jiangsu Province and can be used for the cotton wool seedling removal processing. It adopts the pure mechanical method to reduce the cashmere rate of the cotton seed and facilitate the selection, coating and sowing of the

Pay attention to turtle eggs

At present, there are more and more specialized families raising turtles, and some have expanded their breeding scale. In the process of raising turtles, some farmers conduct artificial hatching, which should be promoted. However, in the entire process of artificial hatching, there is a problem in

Steam trap selection guide

Steam traps must use good quality products, and use limited funds on the cutting edge. The use of premium traps saves energy and increases productivity by tens of times more than the investment in the trap . The use of good quality steam traps can bring huge economic b

Keeping good grass carp also needs fungus to help!

Keeping good grass carp also needs fungus to help! Grass carp, also known as carp, is a staple food for aquatic and terrestrial plants, particularly for grasses and animal foods such as insects. If the supply of forage grass is sufficient, grass carp can also feed on pasture. Compared with other

Spring cure fruit flow plastic

Pear, plum, apricot, cherry, and other fruit-fruited mature fruit trees and pods are prone to gummy disease, and fruit and shoots also have this disease. The glue that came out was light yellow and transparent, and it gradually turned reddish-brown after coagulation. The diseased part was slightly

Crab and its processing technology

Crab sticking is a kind of crab processing method that is suitable for industrial production and also suitable for one-on-one workshop production. The residents of urban and rural areas can also make their own crabs. The drunk crab has delicious tender meat, aromatic alcohol, unique characteristics

Wild boar raising with green materials to reduce consum…

The special wild boar has won wide acclaim from consumers for its characteristics of less fat, high nutritional value, and rich game. It has gradually become an alternative breeding breed of domestic pigs. Wild boar has become a new type of green health food. Special wild boars have less food intak