Is chicken essence healthier than MSG?

I heard that the chicken was more nutritious and safer. The 58-year-old horse-in-law bought 10 bags of chicken essence at one go and replaced all the MSG in the house. “The residents said that the chicken is extracted from the chicken and is much better than the MSG containing chemical ingre

Vegetables should be planted in close proximity

Too large planting densities of tomatoes and cucumbers is a common problem, resulting in serious plant growth, thin stalks, and other issues. The prolonged growth of vegetables and the weakness of the trees are one of the main problems that affect the production of vegetables. It is very common.

Winter to heat Yan lung food recommended

In life, we often eat foods that are easy to get angry. For example, stomach fire can have stomachache, dry stool, bad breath and other symptoms. Below to introduce you to 10 kinds of fire food! One hundred rational stomach and spleen Lily defeat key words: slight dry cough “The spring ro

Can pregnant women eat kiwi?

Pregnant mothers can eat 1-2 kiwifruit daily, which can stabilize emotions and improve sleep quality. Eating kiwifruit is good for yourself and your baby, but it is worth noting that the nature of kiwifruit is cold, and pregnant women with weaker spleen and stomach function should not eat it regul

Frost damage to crops and prevention methods

Frost means that in the late autumn and early spring season, due to the intrusion of cold air, the temperature dropped sharply. When the temperature dropped below the minimum temperature required for the growth of crops in a short period of time, the crop was subjected to frost damage. After the

Anji white tea brewing method

Anji white tea is made with green tea processing technology. It is a kind of green tea. Its white color is because its raw materials are processed from a kind of white tea tree. Anji white tea tastes very good, not bitter or astringent, fragrant and simple nose. So how does Anji white tea soak? 1.

Winter health fruit inventory recommendation

In winter, fruit health is the focus of everyone's attention. Here are some of the best winter health fruits to be counted: Oranges thirst to quench their thirst, spleen and warm stomach oranges are rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, carotene, citric acid, etc., with t