Six vegetarian diets

Nowadays, people have a rich diet, and “rich people are sick” and they find a door. Vegetarian food can clear the stomach. Oatmeal has cholesterol-lowering and lipid-lowering effects. Because oats contain abundant soluble dietary fiber that other grains do not have, this fiber is easi

Eggs feed well and waste less

The cost of feed for laying hens usually accounts for 60%-70% of the total expenditure, while the amount of feed waste accounts for 3%-8% or more of the total feed consumption, which is more than 10%. Therefore, conservation of feed can significantly improve the economic efficiency of laying hens.

Compound matrine water treatment aphid effect is good

The damage to the apple tree by aphids is aggravating. In order to explore the control effect of 0.3% compound matrine aqueous solution on aphid, in the last two years, we used 0.3% compound matrine aqueous solution for 3 consecutive times to conduct field trials on aphid control in the field from

Wheat Shuttle Stripe Mosaic Virus Disease

The symptoms are also known as wheat yellow mosaicism. The disease is serious on winter wheat. After the infection, the symptoms did not appear before winter, and the symptoms occurred only during the spring wheat returning green period. The infected strains produced chlorotic stripes on the new l

"Eight changes to eight" family efficient pig…

1. Reasons why farmers do not make money from raising pigs At present, as feed prices increase with food prices, as a high-consumption pork industry, especially small-scale pig farmers, some do not make money, and they mainly sum up the following aspects: . Pigs earn less money because of the foll

Five Problems to Be Paid Attention to in Forest Medicin…

The use of interplanting Chinese medicinal materials in returning farmland to forests in mountain areas is an effective measure to increase land utilization and increase farmers' income. However, the following five major issues must be addressed. Adaptability of selected varieties of Chinese

Tomato cultivation snoring three notes

Grasp a good time to fight in 1 day, it is best to choose sunny high-temperature hours to fight. In the morning, the snoring caused excessive flow of blood and caused the loss of nutrients. At noon the temperature was high. After the snoring, the wounds healed quickly and there was less wound flow