Raising rabbits to diligently "five views"

In the daily management of rabbits, diligent in careful observation, timely detection of diseased rabbits, early isolation, prevention, and treatment measures to prevent the spread of the disease epidemic, so that rabbits grow strong and grow, improve the efficiency of breeding. 1. The appearance

Massager - a new generation of health equipment

First, the massager's concept Massager is a new generation of health care equipment developed based on physics, bionics, bio-electrics, Chinese medicine, and years of clinical practice. It not only has eight simulation functions, allowing you to experience the wonderful feelings of acu

The cultivation technique of many chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemums are aliased as yellow flower, empress flower, festival flower and so on. They are perennial perennial herbaceous plants and are the traditional flowers of our country. The country of origin is China. China has a long history of chrysanthemum cultivation, with more than 2,000 hor

Toona sinensis seedling raising technology

Citrus genus deciduous tree is a unique species of fast-growing trees in China. The young shoots are rich in nutrients, delicious in flavor and high in food value. They have become a good economic tree species in urban and rural areas. After many years of production practice, the author has carrie

Autumn health calcium also has hidden rules

The essence of autumn is the word "cool", commonly known as "cool autumn". It is this “cold” air temperature that is gradually low, and it is often easy to induce various diseases such as asthma, angina, indigestion, biliary colic, embolism, and stroke. The cold and

Breeder Farm Rooster Artificial Picking Three Tips

First, the rooster trains the rooster before he collects sperm to train it. The training can be conducted in the afternoon. Hold the rooster's legs with your right hand so that the rooster heads to the lower left and gently massage the abdomen to the pubic bone with your left hand, causing the

Meat broiler forced moulting technology

Meat broiler compulsory moulting preparation 1. Pick out big, small, disabled and weak chickens. 2. Lighten 24 hours before the moult, and cut 50% the day before moulting. 3. 10 to 15 days before moulting, 0.3 ml of ND+H9H5+H9 were immunized, and 2 doses of ND+IB live vaccine were given. 4. We