How to raise good Chaiji to make more money

Wild chickens (traditional chickens and stupid chickens farmed by farmers) are used to feed natural foods such as young leaves, grass and insects, and feed some green special feeds to cater for the people’s belief that they are natural and return to nature, although the price is relatively l

Combine harvester sickness

1. The thorn straw stalk is used to increase the gap between the fixed blade and the moving blade. The centerline of the blade and the blade guard are too far apart (more than 5mm). The blade is not sharp or the blade wears on the blade. caused. When repairing: 1 Cut off the power on the knife; 2 P

Pleurotus winter simple economic insulation method

The key to the success of the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus in winter is to create suitable temperature conditions. The author has found a simple method of insulation without coal stoves and electric heat insulation in practice. The following are introduced: In the late autumn, it is necessar

Correct purchase of agricultural machinery parts has a …

The purchase of agricultural machinery parts is a very meticulous task. How do consumers buy satisfactory farm machinery parts? Please pay attention to the following matters when purchasing. Whether there are cracks, burrs, and whether the surface of the joint is smooth and smooth, such as piston

How to prevent the degeneration of Rex rabbit breeds

To establish a complete pedigree file for newly introduced breeds of rabbits, first establish pedigrees, and group numbers to establish breeding cards, so that the records of mating and birthing records are clear, so that the blood of rabbits is clear and inbreeding is avoided. At the same time, st

Daily management of pigs in fermentation beds

Routine management of pig-raising on a fermentation bed Fermentation on a pig bed is generally similar to the routine management of conventional pigs. However, due to the uniqueness of the fermentation bed, there are also different places in the usual management: 1 The breeding density of pigs, th

How to use aerosols in greenhouses

Aerosol is a new technology for preventing and controlling boron vegetables pests. It is used to evaporate pesticides into mist particles or disperse them directly into smoke particles to prevent disease and disinfestation. The control effect is obvious and superior to that of spraying and powder s