The “drug flow” that cannot be claimed

6 conditions for "drug flow"

1. Young early pregnant women or unproduced women;

2. Do not leave this corner within the last month;

3. There are conditions to visit the nearest medical facility;

4. Menopause less than 49 days;

5. Ultrasound examination showed intrauterine pregnancy, the average diameter of the fetal sac was less than 20 mm;

6. Pregnant women do not have heart, liver, kidney, reproductive, endocrine system diseases, and no smoking and tobacco habits.

6 cases not suitable for "drug flow"

1. During pregnancy more than 49 days;

2. Large fetal sac;

3. Pregnant women are older and have more pregnancies;

4.Having had a history of artificial abortion or cesarean section within six months;

5. In postpartum lactation;

6. Uterine malformation or uterine fibroids.

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