Peach tree seedlings cultivation techniques

With the rapid development of agricultural science and technology and the rapid development of new technology, the peach tree seedling cultivation method shared today is a new method designed by Japanese horticultural technicians for peach trees: transplanting peach seedlings about 1 meter high in the spring. Leave a thick and straight branch; select the second branch in the spring of the following year. The first branch will be harvested after the harvest; the third year will harvest the fruit from the second branch and repeat the cycle in turn. This cultivation method has the advantages of short peach cultivating time, easy rotation, easy operation, high yield, large fruit size, and the like, and because the branch height is about 1 meter lower than the conventional one, the stumbling height ladder at harvest can be eliminated. Pyramid Pruning In order to rejuvenate older apple trees, Canadian fruit tree researchers have used the “pyramid” pruning method to extend the high yield period of these apple trees by 10 to 20 years. The method is: cut upright upright branches, reshape the old tree, promote the nutrition in the tree concentrated in the lower non-upright branches, make it grow well, to sprout more fruit branches, promote the improvement of fruit set rate . The seedlings of the external planting technology of French workers have developed a method of growing large numbers of pear tree seedlings in response to the rapid growth of the main branches of pear seedlings after erecting, which has resulted in pear tree production two years ahead of schedule and higher yields. The method is to erect a 4-meter-high pile every 6 meters, and pull a few wires between piles and piles. The 1-meter-high pear seedlings are planted at intervals of 1 meter and can be planted in two rows. When the seedlings grow to be higher than the pile, their branches are fixed on the wire, and water and fertilizer management is strengthened. The law can produce results in two years and is suitable for large-scale promotion.

Cut Blue Swimming Crab

The meat of the swimming crab is tender, delicious, and nutritious, especially the meat of the two pincer-shaped chelated feet is silky and sweet, and the crab is yellow and has a fragrant taste. It has a different taste. It is often eaten to clear heat and detoxify, nourish bones, nourish muscles, and invigorate blood. The effect of.

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