Should change vegetable irrational fertilization method

In the production of vegetables, due to improper selection of fertilizers or poor use of technology, the purpose of fertilizer application is often not achieved. Now some of the unreasonable phenomena that are common in production are described below.

Diseases and insecticides do not distinguish between diseases and insect pests that appear on vegetables. They do not find out what kind of diseases and insect pests they are. They use some pesticides to spray and kill them. Even if some technicians do not investigate, they are considered to be diseases or insects. The result is of course invalid.

Random prescriptions are compounded with a variety of pesticides without reference to instructions on the taboo tabulations on home reconstitution, and acidic or basic drugs, copper preparations or sulphur preparations or other drugs are randomly mixed.

Non-uniform dilution Although according to the amount of instructions, but not fully dissolved or mix busy work, can not achieve control effects, such as trichlorfon crystals, copper sulfate, the enemy Ke Song cream, etc., if you do not pay attention will appear the above phenomenon.

The use of shallow or fertilized table fertilizers is volatile, loss or difficult to reach the roots of crops, which is not conducive to crop absorption, resulting in low fertilizer utilization. Fertilizers should be applied 16 to 28 cm below the seed or plant side.

Indifferent use of dual-fertilizers Compound fertilizers produced with ammonium chloride and potassium chloride are known as dual-chlorine fertilizers, containing about 30% chlorine, easy to burn seedlings, and timely watering. Saline-alkali land and chlorine-sensitive vegetable crops cannot be treated with chlorine-containing fertilizers. Excessive application of potassium chloride to leaf (stem) vegetables not only causes the vegetables not to be tender and has many fibers, but also makes the vegetables taste bitter, has poor taste, and has low benefits. Urine-based compound fertilizers have high nitrogen content. Biuret contains slightly higher nitrogen content and is easy to burn seedlings. Pay attention to the depth of watering and fertilization. Improper use of chemical fertilizers on vegetables may cause fertilizer damage, resulting in burning of seedlings and wilting of plants. For example, one-time application of too much chemical fertilizer or insufficient soil moisture after fertilization will result in excessively high concentration of soil solution and difficulty in water absorption in the crop roots, resulting in wilting and even dead plants. Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, the soil has a large amount of ammonia or ammonium ions, on the one hand ammonia volatilization, the formation of alkaline droplets in the air droplets, burning crops, produce spots on the leaves of burnt. On the other hand, ammonium ions are prone to nitrification on dry soil and converted to nitrite ammonium under the action of nitrosobacter bacteria. Gasification of nitrogen dioxide gas can poison vegetables, causing irregular water-stained patches on the leaves of vegetables. Gradually turned white.

Excessive use of certain nutrient elements Excessive use of certain nutrient elements not only poisons vegetables, but also impedes the absorption of other nutrient elements by vegetables, resulting in deficiency of the disease. For example, excessive application of nitrogen can cause calcium deficiency; excessive nitrate-nitrogen can cause loss of molybdenum chlorosis; excessive potassium can reduce the effectiveness of calcium, magnesium, and boron; too much phosphorus can reduce the effectiveness of calcium, zinc, and boron.

Fresh human waste is applied directly to vegetables because fresh human waste contains a lot of germs, toxins, and parasite eggs. If it is used without being cooked, it will contaminate vegetables, cause diseases easily, and require high-temperature stacking fermentation or harmlessness. Can be applied after treatment. The unfamiliar livestock manure will produce a large amount of harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide during the decomposing process, causing the vegetables seeds to suffocate as a result of oxygen deprivation, and generate a lot of heat, so that vegetable seeds are burned or root rot occurs, which is not conducive to the germination and growth of vegetable seeds.

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