Using medical technology to transmit medical imaging technology to the public

Release date: 2008-06-03

The use of mobile phones to deliver new medical imaging technologies has enabled medicine to benefit the Hebrew University of Israel and the University of California, Berkeley (University of Cal has developed a technology that delivers medical images via mobile phones. This technology is expected to make the world a certain In areas where medical resources are lacking, there is an opportunity to use mature radiation diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.
Boris Rubinsky, a professor of the joint research team and professor at Hebrew University, said that they have successfully demonstrated the stability of the medical imaging system; the system contains two separate components linked to mobile technology, and the concept can be developed into different medical treatments. Image technology mode. His research partners include Yair Granot and Antoni Ivorra, graduate students in biophysics at the University of Berkeley.
The technology patents invented by the research team will be jointly owned by Yissum, a technology transfer company of Hebrew University, and Berkeley University. Both parties intend to commercialize their results. The researchers used electrical impedance tomography (EIT) technology to demonstrate; their information acquisition equipment has 32 electrodes, half of which are used to conduct electricity and the other half to measure voltage; the device is coupled to a device Fill the gelled container to simulate a tumor in the human breast.
Through the USB cable, the researchers collected 225 voltage measurements and uploaded them to the phone; then dialed the phone to a high-performance central computer equipped with raw data that could be processed and transmitted. Special software. The relevant image is then reconstructed and sent back to the phone for viewing; the researchers confirmed that the simulated tumor image was clearly visible on the phone, meaning that the conceptual system was indeed feasible.
“Imaging technology is considered to be a major achievement in modern medical fields; it is estimated that 20% of diseases will benefit from the diagnosis and treatment brought about by medical imaging systems; however, many people in the world suffer from lack of equipment. And can't enjoy such technology.” Rubinsky expects the technology developed by his research team to bring cost-effective and truly usable medical imaging technology to those who lack medical resources. ——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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