How to fast fatten chickens

Native chickens are of good quality and have high market prices, but they have long feeding periods. So, how to fast fattening? When brooding, it is advisable to control the temperature on the first day in the range of 33°C to 35°C. It is advisable to reduce the temperature by 2°C per week to about 20°C and keep it until the end of the breeding period. Low temperatures can cause chicks to squeeze each other and cause death. Reasonably formulated feed for feeding small chickens, if formulated according to the feeding standards of broilers, the nutrition will be too high, which will cause waste. In the production, the nutrition standards of layer 1 to 6 weeks old can be used to formulate feeds. In addition, we must pay attention to the timely supplement of vitamins in the diet, especially vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B2 can not be lacking. Feed on a free-feeding method and ensure that there are enough feed troughs and sinks. Reasonably arranging the lighting management of the lighting of small chickens can refer to the lighting management system of broilers and conduct 23 hours of light daily. Natural light is used during the day and artificial light is used during the night. The power is interrupted for 1 hour in the middle. The light intensity can be larger in the first two weeks so that the chicks are familiar with the environment, generally 2 to 3 watts per square meter, and can be reduced appropriately later. The chicks can observe the principle of eating, generally 1 watt per square meter. Do a good job of epidemic prevention, use drugs to prevent disease before hatching, cope with chicken coops, environment, and utensils to fully clean, clean, disinfect, and use formalin to seal and fumigate for 24 hours. Regular environmental disinfection and chicken disinfection. The environment can be disinfected with cheap quicklime or ash, and chickens can be sterilized with drugs that are non-toxic to humans and chickens, such as 100 toxins. Due to the short growth period of small chickens, the epidemic prevention program can be implemented with reference to the broiler chicken epidemic prevention program, that is, when Newcastle disease IV strain vaccines are administered nasally or through drinking water to prevent epidemic disease at the age of one week, and a two-week-old vaccination with Ganpaulin is used. Through drinking water prevention. Chickens less than 2 weeks old are predominantly protected against P. berghei disease, and 0.05% of earth toxin or 0.02% of furazolid can be infiltrated in feed. Chickens are mainly coccidiosis during 15-45 days of age, and 0.006% of chlorpheniramine or 0.02% of furazolidone can be added to the feed.

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