Autumn health calcium also has hidden rules

The essence of autumn is the word "cool", commonly known as "cool autumn". It is this “cold” air temperature that is gradually low, and it is often easy to induce various diseases such as asthma, angina, indigestion, biliary colic, embolism, and stroke. The cold and cool climate in autumn often causes mental and emotional fluctuations, often manifested as fatigue, unpleasantness, insomnia, dizziness and irritability.

Autumn Climate Impact on Human Body

1. The fall of the temperature in the fall and the increase in pressure increase the body's sweating. The flow of blood to the body surface is not as strong as in the summer. However, the vasculature still has an expansionary deficit. Therefore, the normal pulse in the fall appears to be light imaginary and slightly floating. Feathery.

2. Drying in the air in the autumn can reduce the elasticity of the respiratory tract such as trachea, larynx, and lungs, and can easily produce tiny cracks. The activity of cilia is reduced, and the function of expelling foreign bodies is reduced; the blood flow of the respiratory tract is reduced, thereby reducing the inhalation function.

3. Fall-prone diseases such as acute pancreatitis, phoenix fever, asthma, chronic nephritis, and cold.

4. The active cold air in autumn can promote embolism, stroke, bronchial asthma, angina, indigestion, hemophilia, and gallstone colic.

5, the autumn climate easily induces mental and emotional fluctuations, manifested as fatigue, unpleasant, do not want to work, insomnia, headaches and irritability. Especially in the hours before the weather changes, the above symptoms are more likely to occur.

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