Massager - a new generation of health equipment

First, the massager's concept Massager is a new generation of health care equipment developed based on physics, bionics, bio-electrics, Chinese medicine, and years of clinical practice. It not only has eight simulation functions, allowing you to experience the wonderful feelings of acupuncture, massage, massage, hammering, cupping, scraping, slimming, and immune regulation, as well as the unique effects of treating hypertension. With 3 independent soft-touch massage heads, you can relax muscles, relieve nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen cell metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, relieve fatigue, significantly reduce various chronic pain, acute pain and muscle aches, relax and relieve stress. Reduce skin wrinkles.

Second, the working principle of the massager The electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of a core (including a fixed iron core and a movable iron core), a coil, a vibration spring sheet, and a massage head. When the coil on the fixed core is connected to the alternating current, an alternating magnetic field is generated, and under the action of the magnetic field force and the vibration spring sheet, the massage head repeatedly vibrates. The vibration frequency is generally 100Hz and the input power is 10-15W. One way to change the vibration intensity is to change the core gap or current strength, and first change the vibration frequency.

Third, the classification of massagers can be divided into:

1, energy and no energy massager. Energy massager is our ordinary electronic massager. It needs power to run. Non-energy massager doesn't need power supply. People need active massage. In the broad sense, it also includes natural massage equipment, such as combs, horns, Round wood, wooden massager, Ya Nuo Kang walnut massager and so on.

2. Massagers can also be divided into active massagers and passive massagers from massage forms. The passive massager means that we do not move the massager. It is a kind of enjoyment massage. The general electronic massager belongs to the passive massager. The active massage is the man who takes the initiative to use the massager and needs to pay for labor. The general natural massager is elegant. The nuclear health walnut massager belongs to the active massager, and the active massager has the dual health functions of “massage during exercise and exercise during massage”.

3, electronic massage is also divided into: electromagnetic massage, vibration massage and infrared massage. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the purchase of electronic massager, purchase regular manufacturers, some illegally operated electronic massage device may cause radiation harm to the body, and do not use electronic massager to massage the same body part for a long time, especially close to the brain, heart In order to avoid long-term exposure to radiation, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Of course, those natural massagers have no energy consumption, no radiation, and can be used for a long time.

4, massage from the massage site: neck, shoulders, back, waist, abdomen, brain, legs, feet, chest and eyes.

Fourth, new massage device Shenzhen Times Easy Technology Corporation today announced the launch of iNeck neck massager, which is specifically designed for the current social problems of the cervical spine, a set of fashion, health functions as one of the humanoid massage products.

Relaxed iNeck neck massager is the first to simulate traditional Chinese medicine hand massage to deeply stretch the stiff muscles of the neck and ease the pressure and soreness of the neck muscles. Simulated massage can effectively massage the neck meridians and deepen the neck blood and achieve neck Completely relax and restore the effect of neck health.

The iNeck neck massager is designed according to the ergonomic principle. The product is deeply conformed to the natural curvature of the neck, and the original adjustable neckline mode greatly facilitates the use requirements of different users. In addition, it also uses a mobile power to provide power, economical and environmentally friendly, compact and portable, white-collar family can also be used at any time during the work or at noon, time, more convenient.

Relaxed ineck neck massager
Relaxed ineck neck massager

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