Raising rabbits to diligently "five views"

In the daily management of rabbits, diligent in careful observation, timely detection of diseased rabbits, early isolation, prevention, and treatment measures to prevent the spread of the disease epidemic, so that rabbits grow strong and grow, improve the efficiency of breeding.

1. The appearance of healthy rabbits is well-shaped, two eyes are full of gods, there is a slight movement and immediately looked up, ears erect, continue to turn the ears; in addition to eating, most of the time was a sleeping state. The diseased rabbit is physically weak, rough and messy coat, lack of luster, apathetic spirit, do not love activities, eyes lying closed, eyes aghast, unresponsive to external stimuli, eyes have phlegm, mouth phlegm, ears with pus.

2. Observing eating healthy rabbits have a strong appetite, eating fast, quantitative feed and drinking water can be eaten up within a certain period of time. If the food is not pro, the intake is slow, or even the appetite is eliminated, and the amount of drinking water suddenly decreases or increases, which is a common symptom of many diseases, and observation and treatment should be immediately isolated.

3. Observational Respiratory health Rabbits were thoracic-abdominal breathing, that is, the chest and abdomen were coordinated during exercise and the strength was consistent. Adult rabbits 20 to 40 times per minute, young rabbits 40 to 60 times per minute. The sick rabbits are short of breath and do not coordinate. They are simply chest or abdominal breathing.

4. Guanziluo Healthy rabbits have a clean nostril and rarely have other breaths. Occasionally, a cough or two can be heard. Rabbits have unclean nose, increased nasal fluids, itching, sneezing, and frequent coughing.

5. View of urinating urinary incontinence or with pain, urine output and urination frequency too much or too little, are suffering from certain diseases.

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