How to Use Wheat Precision Seeders Correctly

The correct use of the wheat precision seeder is very important to maintain its good technical status and ensure the quality of the finely-distributed wheat. The correct method of use is now described as follows: 1. Prior to the operation, a complete overhaul and adjustment of the wheat precision seeder should be carried out. After the trial operation, the various agencies can be put into operation after normal operation. 2. After confirming the sowing of plots and selection of varieties, adjust the amount of wheat sown and set the depth of sowing. During the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to checking the accuracy of the seeding quantity at any time and find that the problem is solved in a timely manner. 3. The tractor should run at a constant speed, and the maximum speed must not exceed the specifications of the wheat precision seeder. During the operation, parking should be avoided as much as possible to prevent seed accumulation and ensure accurate seeding and uniform grain spacing. When non-stop is not available, convergence must be made when starting a new one, so as to avoid missed broadcasts. Adding seeds should be done while parking in the fields. Don't wait until the seeds are broadcast. 4. In operations, no reversal or sharp turns are allowed. When the land is empty, reversed, and turned sharply, the precision seeder must be raised. At the beginning of the operation, the precision seeder should be slowly dropped to avoid damaging the opener and plugging the seed inlet. 5. Attention should be paid to checking the working conditions of the metering device, seeing whether the input pipe is blocked, the depth of the opener, whether the plug is plugged, whether it is tightly covered, and whether the rotation is normal. 6. When replacing wheat varieties, seeds left behind by seed boxes, seed feeders, etc. must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the appearance of mixed wheat varieties. 7. After each shift operation is completed, maintenance is required. To clean the soil of the wheat seed sowing machine, pay special attention to removing the mud and weeds from the transmission mechanism, openers, etc.: Check the joints of various parts, find the loose parts, and immediately tighten, the missing parts must be fully Lubricate each lubrication point. ● Laiwu City Agricultural Machinery Bureau (277100)

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