The production of bean curd chicken wings

After eating soy sauce tofu, the rest of the rot milk is licked and filled with a bottle. Do mutton seasoning, take a look at the weather, and it's too early to make a hot pot. Let's be a bean curd chicken wings, use waste, and change flavors. First, the use of chicken wings. Separate the big and small arms. Scallions, ginger and garlic cut large chunks. Sugar, cooking wine. Rot milk. Second, practice 1. Put the oil in the wok and stir it until the skin becomes hot. 2. Put a little oil in the original pot and put hot green onion and ginger and garlic. After the scent, release the wine, sugar, rot milk. 3. Put the chicken wings after the juice is opened and add water to the chicken wings. The fire is stewed, the soup is ready, and the soup is ready to dry. Third, pay attention to the amount of rot milk is considered suitable? It's best if it's enough to make a pot of chicken wings without salting. Without rotten milk, it can be used to rot rotting bean curd. When the soup is dry, be careful to stir it. Don't let it stick to the bottom of the pot.

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