Biological Measures to Control Cotton Bud Diseases

1. Protection and utilization of natural enemies: Cotton buds are a variety of natural enemies during their prosperous period, and they must be protected and utilized. When the cotton aphid is parasitized by more than 30%, no pesticide control is required; when the amount of predatory natural enemies and the bollworm of the bollworm are 1:1 or the natural enemies are more, the medicament can be used without the control of the medicament. 2. Use of egg parasitoids to control cotton bollworm: Trichogramma is an egg parasitoid of cotton bollworm. According to the plant protection station of Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, in 2004, Trichogramma was released artificially. The eggs of the second generation of H. armigera were parasitized by 80.31% and the highest was 93.75%. The eggs of the third generation were parasitized by an average of 42.97%. 3. Biological agents control pests: 400-500 ml of Bt emulsion is used for large-volume targeted sprays of egg larvae during the first incubating period, spraying once every 3 days. The spider was sprayed with 10% Liuyangmycin 1500 times. In addition, nuclear polyhedrosis virus and Beauveria bassiana have good control effects on cotton bollworm.

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