Agricultural vehicle self-shifting repair

One of the common faults is the breakdown of agricultural vehicles in the process of travel. The causes and exclusion methods are as follows:
1. The bearing in the gearbox is turbulent, damaged, or loose at the shaft end, causing the spline shaft to oscillate axially during operation, resulting in a disengagement. The bearings and related parts should be replaced while tightening the gearbox shaft retaining nuts.
2. The improper adjustment of the wear or deformation of the lower fork of the gear shift lever or the control mechanism causes the stroke of the fork shaft to be reduced during shifting, and the transmission gear is in a half-engagement state, thereby causing a disengagement. Should adjust the shift lever and levers and other operating mechanisms to make the fork stroke meet the requirements. If the gear head or fork is worn badly, replace it with a new one.
3. Locking spring elasticity is reduced or broken, the fork shaft positioning groove or steel ball wears, all can cause the locking mechanism to fail, cause to break. Should check the locking spring, fork shaft, positioning ball and other accessories; if necessary, replace it.
4. The gear face wears heavily into a wedge shape, producing axial thrust during operation and even automatic decoupling. This situation should be replaced with new gears.

Orthofix type External Fixator .

External Fixator System AOrthopedic External Fixation, Orthofix External Fixator, Unilateral External Fixation System

Certification: CE & ISO13485 
Material: Aluminium, Stainless steel, titanium . 
Advantages of External Fixator System A:
I. Unnular design, firm and reliable     
II. Easier operation & short time     
III. Minimally invasive surgery, no influence to blood supply of bone      
IV. Second surgery is unnecessary, remove directly in clinic     
V. Dynamic design, better for bone healing     
VI. Taper bone screws, taut and firm after insertion.   
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External Fixator System A

External Fixator System A,Orthopedic External Fixation,Orthofix External Fixator,Unilateral External Fixation System

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