Selection of crabs and removal of odor

“One shell of butter means raw, tantalizing to taste.” This is a poem when people look after crab eating. But do you know the advantages and disadvantages of crabs and how to remove them?

The crab that people often say in Guangdong is Scyll serrata, also known as blue crab, which is distributed in the coastal waters of southern China. It is the larger, better-quality crab species in crabs. Green crabs are crustaceans, relying on the growth of oyster shells. Commodity crabs grown from baby larvae to 300-500 gm must go through more than a dozen catagen transformations, which last for 6-8 months and grow once per oyster shell. When crabs are clam shells, they need to consume a lot of physical energy. Therefore, they usually use nutrition to achieve “accumulation of energy and prepare oyster shells”. The quality of blue crabs is therefore said to be due to the difference in fatness during the growth cycle of clams. The quality is different: When the crab body is plump and plump, it is called "meat crab"; when the shell generation is about to be replaced, it is called "heavy shell crab"; the crab body of the just shell is soft and is called "soft shell crab"; Energy consumption, body cavity weight loss water, called "water crab"; water crab and gradually grow into the next round of oyster shell growth ... ....
Crabs and heavy shell crabs are generally considered to be the best among commercial crabs in the market, followed by meat crabs, and crabs are considered to be the worst. The selection method is roughly as follows:

Crabs: Crab shells are bright and hard. White plump claws can be seen between the limbs. Pressing the abundance, the crab claws struggle to react and have a stronger weight compared to other crabs of the same size. Crabs, whether male or female, are based on the fullness of the flesh. Crabs are sweet and refreshing and are the most common high-quality crabs.

Crab crab: limited to female crabs. When the ovary of a female crab matures, the orange yellow yolk is full of both sides of the carapace and the shell is yellow with yellow. The fullness of the yolk can be seen under the perspective of light. Because of the different maturation period, the crabs have different yolk weights in their body. The less yolk is called “flower crab”, and the more yolk is filled with shells, which are called “real cream crabs”. The price of "flower cream crab" is much higher. In addition to seeing the fullness of the yolk in the crustacea, the selection of “real cream crabs” also revealed orange-yellow yolks on the back of the shell and the uncovering of the biogas vents (also known as the crab cover). Because the crab is in the reproductive stage, it belongs to fat crab, there is a paste of meat, and the raw food is delicious. It is a good product in crab.

Some crabs may develop lesions in a high water temperature environment. Yolk dissociates in the body. Visible in appearance is the yellow flesh of the extremities and the crustacean. The crustaceans have visible scattered yolk. The white crabs appear yellow. The amount of such crabs is scarce, "they are less expensive," and people call it "butter crabs," and they are also excellent products in crabs.

Heavy shell crab: The inner shell is generated and the shell is not open. Because the inner shell is dark brown, the shell has a darker color. Heavy shell crabs are loaded with a layer of non-viable shells, which are slow and non-aggressive, making them a distinctive feature. Heavy shell crab has "heavy shell crab" and "heavy shell crab" points: the former is the most common, the latter happens to be the female crab is in the maturation stage, a small number, is the top grade in heavy shell crab. No matter what kind of heavy shell crab, because the energy of the oyster shell reserves has not been consumed, at this time the crab is the most fat, so the heavy shell crab is the best product in the crab.

Soft Shell Crab: The shell of the crab is soft after the oyster shell, and it gradually hardens after 12 hours. At this time, it is called soft shell crab. Soft shell crabs have consumed physical energy in metamorphosis and have become thin crabs. However, when the crabs were just shelled, the crabs were particularly soft and the taste of the food was good.

Water crab: after the shell, the body has not recovered, crab body weight loss, so called crab. The crab shells are lighter in color and their claws dwindle and weigh less meat. The shells are sparsely populated with only one clear water. Therefore, they are usually regarded as inferior crabs.

Due to the unique flavor of the crab, it is generally not necessary to add seasonings when cooking, that is, pure water and white steam, but also full of flavor, but sometimes accompanied by a smell of fish, brought a bit inferior. Where does this smell come from and how can it be removed? The green crabs that grow in the fresh water body generally do not have a smell. The reason for the smell is that the growing water body is poor. The blue crab lives for a long time in the bottom bowl filled with debris and excrement; the second is to capture the bundles. Green crab can survive for more than 2 weeks in a moist and wind-free environment. During this time, the crabs lose their normal food intake and excretion conditions. As a result, more and more ammonia is accumulated in the body, resulting in a smell of fish. Regardless of the cause of the smell, the removal method is very simple: untie the bundled straw rope 2-3 hours before cooking, put the blue crab into clean water (tap water), and allow the blue crab to accumulate in the body during swimming. Ammonia on the line. Just be aware that blue crabs dipped in fresh water can no longer be stocked.
In addition, on the feast, there is a saying that "crabs are first eaten and oysters are tasteless." Because of the rich flavor of crabs, if you take chopsticks before you eat, the dishes that come down are tasteless. This is also a kind of exquisite crabbing.

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