Following the wood, also known as wood, evergreen shrubs or small trees. Three to eight flowers are clustered at the top of the new shoots. The petals are linear and yellow-white. The flowering period is from April to May. Red wood is the wood variant, the flowers and leaves are purple, long flowering period, high ornamental value. Sex like sunshine, slightly resistant to half shade, hi warm and humid, there is a certain degree of drought resistance, not cold, should loose fertile acidic soil. Breeding multi-purpose sowing method. Due to the fact that red wood is more precious, grafting method is more often used, and rootstocks are used as seedlings of the following wood or witch hazel. The method of grafting is the same as that of general flowers and trees. Before planting, the above-ground parts must be properly cut off, otherwise it will affect survival. After being planted, it is managed as usual, and generally it can bloom in the second year. Because the succession of wood is planted on annual branches full of flower buds, it must be properly pruned to promote the emergence of new branches in order to flourish Ye Mao, dazzling.

Monascus Red For Seasoning is kind of natural food pigment used in seasoning industries. KOLLEN's Monascus Red Additive production is recognized by intellectual property administration. The product has passed the test of water solubility, pH stability and heat resistance. Red Colour Pigment in seasoning is widely applied to ketchup and soy sauce, it can enhance the products' colorant degree and apperance.

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Monascus Red For Seasoning

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