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Astragalus is an evergreen shrub belonging to the genus Apocynaceae and Astragalus. The plants grow upright and are about 2 meters high. Pots are generally controlled at about 1 meter. Leaves 3 to 5 whorled, leaf blade elliptic or oblanceolate, leaves 5 to 12 cm long, 1.5 to 4 cm wide, pubescent. Cymbidium, golden yellow flowers, orange-red stripes at the throat, corolla broad funnel-shaped, with 5 lobes, overlapping to the left or right, the base of the corolla inflated, and 5 internal stamens. Capsule spherical, with long thorns.

Astragalus originates from the southern United States and Brazil. It is warm and humid and has a sunny environment. It is not cold tolerant. During the vigorous growth period from May to August, a thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer is applied every 10 days or so. Note that the amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the fertilizer should not be too much, so as to avoid overgrowth of branches and leaves and flowering sparsely. In addition, the lack of light in the cultivation environment can also cause this phenomenon, so try to give as much sunlight as possible.

Water can be fully grown during the growing season, and water should be sprayed on the plants when the air is dry. Otherwise, the leaves may become wrinkled because the air is too dry. After flowering, the plants should be properly pruned to promote branching, control the height of the plants, and maintain the beautiful shape of the plants. In winter, it is moved to a place where there is ample sunshine, and watering is controlled. It is safe to overwinter over 5°C. In the spring of each year, the plants are pruned once and the long branches, cross branches and other branches that affect the plant shape are cut off. Every 1 year to 2 years in the spring to change pots once, basin soil should be loose and fertile, containing humus-rich soil, available 3 parts of rot, 2% of garden soil, 1 part of sand mixed soil.

The propagation of Astragalus membranaceus is often carried out in the spring and summer seasons. The cuttings are made of robust and solid branches in sandy soil or vermiculite. After being inserted, they are placed in a humid half of the air. The soil should not be excessively dry and it is easy to take root.

The plants of Astragalus membranaceus are dense, with green leaves and bright green flowers. They are very eye-catching. They are suitable for large and medium-sized potted plants, and they are suitable for large-scale indoor spaces such as living rooms, balconies, parks, shopping malls, and conference venues.

Ganoderma tea (Reishi Mushroom Tea/ Lingzhi Tea) is made of 100% USDA certified organic Ganoderma Lucidum. The Ganoderma Lucidum ingredient used for this product comes from our self-built organic Ganoderma farm located in Mt. Wuyi, Fujian, one of the largest Ganoderma origins in China. The whole cultivation process strictly follows the organic standards without any use of pesticide, herbicide, and chemical fertilizer to ensure its highest quality and efficacy.


This organic Ganoderma Tea is very convenient to carry and make. Each box has 25 individually packaged tea bags. Just open the sachet, put the tea bag in a cup and add hot water, a cup of warm and delicious Ganoderma tea will be ready for you in just 1-2 minutes.


This product has a unique mushroom flavor and a mellow sweet aftertaste. Different from other Herbal Tea on the market, Ganoderma tea has many health benefits, such as enhancing overall immunity, relieving stress, improving sleep quality and reducing allergy. It is gluten free, lactose free, and no additives or preservatives whatsoever, therefore it Is suitable for all people especially for people with low immunity or high stress.

Ganoderma Tea

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