[Scientific name] Hibiscus rosasinensis

[alias] Zhu Xi, Fusang

[Genus] Malvaceae

Fuso produces Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Yunnan Province, Taiwan Province, southern Zhejiang Province, and Sichuan Province. The Indochina Peninsula is also distributed. Hi light, shade can grow, but little flowering. Hi warm and humid climate, not cold. Temperatures began to flourish above 30°C, and defoliation occurred at low temperatures from 2--5°C. It does not choose soil, but it blooms in fertile, well-drained soil. When there is too much water, yellow leaves are easy to fall. Deciduous or evergreen shrubs, about 6m tall, stems erect, much branched. Leaves alternate, broadly ovate or narrowly ovate. Large flowers, single leafhoppers, diameter 10 - 17cm, red, pink, yellow, white and other colors; single-lobed funnel-shaped, single stamens extend out of the corolla, double-flowered flower-shaped slightly similar to peony, so there Zhu Xi The name of the peony. The flowering period is long, and the summer and autumn are rich. Some varieties have flowers all year round, and the pods are oval. Double varieties are not as effective. Spring cutting propagation. 20--40 rooting roots. Potted plants are made of loose, fertile loam soil and applied once every 7 days during the growing season. Diseases and insect pests include cotton aphid, sepal shields, or coal contamination. Aphids can be treated with 80% dichlorvos emulsion 2000 times or 800-1 000 times dimethoate. Coal contamination is transmitted by locusts. For scale insects can spray 80% dichlorvos emulsion or malathion 1000 times 1000 times. The hibiscus flower is brightly colored, beautiful in shape, variety in variety, and blooming in four seasons. It is a famous ornamental flower. In addition to potted plants. It is also commonly used for greening on both sides of roads, sub-vehicles, gardens and waterfronts. A tall, single-petal species, often planted as a hedge or background screening. Fuso is a national flower of Malaysia, Sudan and Fiji.

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