Blood suits for office workers

Many people have a lot of work intensive and stressful and many people have varying degrees of anemia, which seriously affects health. As a result, Japanese nutritionists have provided nutritious and delicious blood-supplemented food to a large number of office workers. Now it has become popular in Japan.

Xi Mei Gan + Liquor

Ximei is rich in iron, containing 1 milligram of iron per 100 grams of prunes, which is equivalent to 3 times the content of grapefruit. Fresh prunes are hard to buy, but prunes can be found in large supermarkets. They can be made into prunes and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Plum wine is also very simple to do, put prunes dry half a catty and 900ml (almost 3 to 4 cups) of liquor and the amount of rock sugar into the bottle, soak in the shade for 2 months to drink.

Tomato + yogurt

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, so it can increase the absorption rate of iron, and the iron in the food is absorbed to achieve the purpose of blood. The vitamin C contained in ripe red tomatoes is extremely rich.

The protein content of yoghurt promotes the absorption of iron. Therefore, tomato yoghurt juice that is squeezed together with tomatoes and yoghurt is a good source of iron absorption in the body. Moreover, if the calcium in the yogurt is combined with the magnesium contained in the tomato, it is better than drinking yogurt alone. There are many kinds of yogurt, in order to avoid excessive sugar intake, the best choice for sugar-free plain yogurt.

Parsley + Milk

Many people do not like the special taste of parsley. In fact, from a nutritional point of view, parsley is a very good food, rich in minerals such as 茁-carotene, vitamin C and iron.

Most anemias are iron-deficiency anemia caused by iron deficiency. Parsley is rich in iron, and vitamin C helps iron play a role.

In order to generate red blood cells, protein must be added. Milk can play a role in supplementing protein. After parsley is crushed, appropriate amount of milk is added, and finally honey is added for flavoring. The special taste of parsley.

In addition, Angelica powder is most suitable for long-term office workers working in the computer, red dates is the most commonly used food for blood, raw and soda drinking best.

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