Nanjing salted duck production method

Nanjing brine duck is a species of duck. The difference is that ducks can only be produced in winter and salted ducks can be produced all year round. Saltwater duck has the characteristics of tender and delicious.
1. Formula duck 1 kg, salt 125 grams, 4 grams of fennel.
2. Processing method
(1) Selection of materials slaughtered ducks should be slaughtered, blooded, scalded, fluffed, viscerated, cleaned, put in clean water and soaked for 1 hour to soak the blood in the duck meat, and make the duck white. Beautiful.
(2) Rub salt and salt to mix salt and fennel together. Spread the body inside and outside of the duck. Be sure to wipe the whole duck inside and out. Ducks in spring are pickled for about a day. Finished ducks (also known as sweet-scented osmanthus ducks) can be sold in the morning in the morning.

1. Powder or powder free

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5. Tasteless, harmless, nontoxic, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant.
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7.Free latex protein ,no skin innitation
8.Soft and comfortable.
9.Ambidextrous, single use only.

10.Beaded cuff.

11.Size: S,M,L,XL XXL 

12.Vinyl,free DOP/DEHP

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