Early spring rape sclerotinia disease

Spring is the peak period of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, especially in spring and rainy years. According to experience, prevention and treatment of the disease should do the following:

First, the Qing ditch ditching spring rainfall increased, rape fields vulnerable to waterlogging, from time to time affect the respiration and absorption capacity of rapeseed roots, weight is caused by rape rotten root, rotten stems, affecting yield, and due to high humidity in the field, easy to disease It is popular to clear the ditch.

Second, the cultivator loose soil in the flowering period to the flowering stage of rapeseed cultivating soil can cut off the sclerotinia produced by the fruit of ascosphaera, has a significant effect on the reduction of disease, but also control the damage of weeds and improve soil permeability.

Third, timely picking the old leaves in the rape flowering period to the final flowering period, timely removal of yellow, old, diseased leaves in order to reduce the source of the disease, to improve ventilation and light conditions in the field. Picking the old leaves should be done after sunny dew. The old leaves that are picked should be brought to the field for destruction.

Fourth, increasing potash fertilizer to rapeseed plants in the spring to increase potash fertilizer can enhance plant disease resistance. Generally, it is carried out from late February to early March. Potassium chloride (5 to 6 kg) per mu is used, and the roots of water canola are poured on sunny afternoons. It is also possible to spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution from the bud stage to the flowering stage.

Fifth, the focus of pharmaceutical control in rapeseed susceptible varieties of fields, continuous cropping fields, low-level paddy fields and partial application of nitrogen fertilizer over Wangtian application. In the early flowering period to full flowering period, the diseased leaf rate is 8% to 10%, and the diseased stem rate is 1%. The application rate is 40% per acre of carbendazim gel suspension 150 grams, and 50 to 75 kg water is sprayed. 7 to 10 days before spraying again. Spraying should be sprayed on the lower stems and leaves of rape in order to improve the control effect.

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