Value-added measures for storage and processing of leeks

After March of the lunar calendar, with the warming up of the temperature, the leeks cultivated in the open field have gradually blossomed and the leeks after the bolting flowering are not easy to eat. Therefore, storage and processing are important ways to extend the supply time of leek. And through storage and processing, the income of planting farmers can be significantly increased.
Marinated pickles. Before the leeks have not been bolted, cut the rosettes with a knife, remove the debris and old leaves, wash, drain and salt them. For every 50 kilograms of fresh leek, use 15 kilograms of salt, and add 18 kilograms (Baume concentration) of 3000 milliliters of saline. When installing the tank, sprinkle a layer of salt on the bottom, then place a layer of leeks, sprinkle a layer of salt, and dip a little salt water to dissolve the salt. 2 hours to 3 hours after entering the cylinder, the cylinder is inverted 1 to 2 times. Cool the soup when inverting the cylinder. In the early morning and in the afternoon on the following day, they are poured one at a time. When the leek enters the tank for 48 hours, it is inverted once every 2 hours. After cooling, re-half the cylinder and compress it tightly. Leek pickled products are rich in aroma and green in color. They are fresh vegetables that can be eaten throughout the year.
Dried leeks. Select fresh, leafless, high quality leeks as a raw material and remove old leaves and roots. The leeks are washed, placed in a drying sieve for drying, and the temperature is controlled at 80° C. The baking time is about 4 hours, and the moisture content of the dried water is 6.5% or less.
Frozen leeks. Choose fresh, no yellow leaves, no white spots, no bolting, no pests and leeks. Due to the rapid evaporation of leeks, perishable deterioration, timely processing after harvesting, cutting off the roots, repairing the roots, and picking out the bolting strains. Wash the leeks with clean water and tie them into small baskets. Discard them into a bamboo basket and blanch them. Be careful not to over-blanch. Boiled leek immediately put into cold water cooling, until the center temperature is 10 °C so far, the cooling rate of the quality of quick-frozen leek. The cooled leeks must be quickly drained of water, neatly laid out in a lattice, and frozen in a freezer at about minus 35°C until the central temperature is below 18°C. Frozen leeks need to be wrapped in ice. The frozen leeks were removed and placed in cold water at 3°C ​​to 5°C for 3 minutes to 5 minutes and immediately removed. The leeks were wrapped in chilled clothes, packed in polyethylene bags, and kept frozen below -18°C.
Fresh vegetables. How to keep fresh vegetables? Before the land is frozen, the leeks are uprooted and bundled into small pieces. After the wind barrier, dig deep 40 cm to 50 cm in width and 1 m in width to store the ditch. Put the tied leek root down and then drain it into the ditch. Place a layer of wet soil first. Then divide the temperature with the temperature drop. Layered soil. Sampling inspections should be carried out during storage to prevent fever and rot. In addition to the ditch, you can use the method of preserving or freezing. Prosthetic storage, the roots of the leeks that will be dug up will bring some soil, and they will be densely packed in Yangshuo and moisturized regularly. Therefore, it can also be stored fresh by refrigeration and then thawed before eating. But it should be eaten immediately, otherwise it will rot easily.

Electric Hydraulic Operating Table

1. Import hydraulic system

2. Memory sponge mattress

3. Electric Longitudinal displacement ≥350mm

4. Tabletop is X-ray available

5. Optional Carbon fiber bed panel


The Hydraulic system adopts imported integrated type components, imported motor and solenoid valve, stable performance.

The Operating Table uses wired mini touch controller.

Pillar base cover all 304 stainless  steel, anticorrosion, easy to clean and durable.

Taiwan stainless steel structure, easy to use, safe and stable.

Accessories are removable. 

The Multi function medical operating table is suitable for comprehensive surgical operations like thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, brain

surgery, eye surgery, ENT, gynaecology and obstetrics, urology surgery, orthopedics surgery and other general purpose.

More Images:


The brief medical operating table without accessories installed on


The whole set Surgical Operation Table with all related Accessories intalled on



Certificates of CE, ISO9001, ISO13485 and CFDA are approved




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Electric Hydraulic Operating Table

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