Several Significances of Straw Fermented Feed

Several traits of straw-fermented feed Crop stalks are a large part of the resources and it is very meaningful if they are used to ferment and become feed. It mainly has the following meanings. (1) A large part of the pollution is reduced for burning, causing environmental pollution. If it is fermented, it will not burn.
(2) Increasing the source of feedstuffs The straw texture of the crops is hard and rough, the animals are difficult to chew, and the palatability and nutritional properties are relatively poor. In particular, freshly harvested wheat, rice straw, and dry straw have high cellulose content and low protein and soluble sugar content. Feeding cattle and sheep with this straw will affect animal feeding and affect their productivity. . Straw fermented feed is the addition of microbial compound inoculants to these crop stalks, such as the Kinpo straw cultivars. Under the action of these microorganisms and enzymes, these crop stalks can be transformed into soft texture, moist bulk, and odor. Acid incense, cattle and sheep like to eat roughage. The Jinbao straw fermentation agent developed by Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has a very good effect on the utilization of straw bio-fermentation, and is deeply loved by farmers. The use of the Jinbao straw fermentor to make feed can not only increase the nutrient content in the soil, reduce the cost of farming, but also realize the full use of resources. It is a good project worthy of application and promotion. Details can visit the website or consult.

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