Crab and its processing technology

Crab sticking is a kind of crab processing method that is suitable for industrial production and also suitable for one-on-one workshop production. The residents of urban and rural areas can also make their own crabs. The drunk crab has delicious tender meat, aromatic alcohol, unique characteristics. In addition to domestic sales, it is also exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Japan, South Korea and other countries. The processing technique of drunk crab is introduced as follows:

First, the choice of raw materials. Choose manure, body health, paste fertilizer, fat-full artificial breeding crab, specifications about 8-16 per kilogram. The captured crabs are first raised in the lake area with bamboo rafts for a period of 20 days. They are then stored in a cormorant or a textile box for 7-10 days until all the waste in the stomach is drained. -6 days, and only scrape hair and dry water.

Second, ingredients preparation. Processing 50 kilograms of drunken crabs requires 25 kilograms of glutinous rice wine, 8 kilograms of salt, 6 kilograms of sugar, and 4 kilograms of ginger and onion. 400 grams of monosodium glutamate, 200 grams of pepper, star anise, cinnamon 500 grams, hundreds of fennel, 20 red peppers, 10 orange peel, Daqu 1.5 kg. Production method is: wok heat. Put the pepper and fry the scent, add boiling water to boil, then add salt, sugar, star anise, fennel, cinnamon, onion, ginger, monosodium glutamate, orange peel, red pepper, and become a drunken natural liquid after cooling.

Third, processing methods. 1. Put the raw crab on the crab umbilicum with appropriate amount of salt and pepper, and then put it into the tank, pouring it into the tank with sweet and delicious glutinous rice wine. The thirsty crabs rush to drink and drink until they get drunk and seal the tank for more than a month. Drunk material crab. 2. Wash and sterilize the porcelain bowl first, pour the glutinous rice wine and drunken liquid, and then take out the drunken crabs. Scrub the crabs one by one, and then put them into the altar. After the crab is finished, pour it into Daqu Liquor. The cover is covered with a small plate and pressed. The mouth of the altar is covered with kraft paper or lotus leaf and secured with a string and can be opened for consumption within a week.

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