Steam trap selection guide

Steam traps must use good quality products, and use limited funds on the cutting edge. The use of premium traps saves energy and increases productivity by tens of times more than the investment in the trap . The use of good quality steam traps can bring huge economic benefits to enterprises. The use of steam traps is large and must not be ignored. Leaders at all levels should pay great attention to them. Selecting the trap requires accurate and unobstructed steam-blocking drainage, high sensitivity, improved steam utilization, no leakage of steam, reliable working performance, high back pressure rate, long service life and convenient maintenance are the preferred conditions.
1. In the production process of heat exchange equipment, drying room, rapid heat exchanger, distillation equipment, etc. need to rapidly heat up, do not allow the production of heating equipment with condensed water, should use mechanical
traps .
traps are not affected by changes in operating temperature and pressure. Water is discharged, and the degree of subcooling is small. There is no water in the heating equipment, which can make the heating equipment reach the working temperature. Among them , the structure of the free float type steam trap is advanced and very sensitive. The small degree of subcooling of the Zui is 0 °C, and it can discharge the saturated temperature condensed water without steam leakage. The advantages are many, which can make the heating equipment reach the work efficiency. It is the ideal steam trap for the production process heating equipment .
2. In steam pipelines
, heat tracing pipelines, small heating equipment, heating equipment, and steam equipment with low temperature requirements, thermostatic
traps should be used .
The thermostatic
trap has a large degree of subcooling and a low condensing water temperature, which can fully utilize the sensible heat of the high temperature condensed water, and the energy saving effect is good. Among them , the structure of the membrane type steam trap is advanced, no manual adjustment is required, and it is very sensitive. The two membrane cassettes of 15°C and 30°C are available for selection. They are not afraid of freezing, small in size, and can be installed at any position. It can repair and replace the valve core on the pipeline, saves money and labor, has long service life and wide application range. It is a boutique of thermostatic steam traps.
3. On high temperature and high pressure superheated steam lines and equipment, special
steam traps for superheated steam should be used .
The superheated
steam trap can separate the high temperature condensed water generated when the superheated steam disappears under the severe conditions of high temperature, high pressure and small load. Wherein the disc holding temperature steam pipe type steam trap using the main steam trap chamber insulation, advanced structure, in the absence of condensate, the trap tightly closed, high quality, long life, is Special trap for high pressure superheated steam .

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