Wild boar raising with green materials to reduce consumption and increase efficiency of fresh meat

The special wild boar has won wide acclaim from consumers for its characteristics of less fat, high nutritional value, and rich game. It has gradually become an alternative breeding breed of domestic pigs. Wild boar has become a new type of green health food. Special wild boars have less food intake and are generally fed twice a day. Wild boars like raw food, mixed food, all kinds of weeds, leaves, plant roots, crop stalks, etc. can be used as wild boar feed. Boars particularly like to eat green feed, green feed can generally account for more than 50% of the ration, with a small amount of concentrate feed can raise a robust boar delicious wild boar. The main green feed for wild boars is mainly the following types:

1. Green fodder: Commonly used alfalfa, purple parsley root, leeks, sweet potato vine leaves, barley corn, barley green barley, etc., green feed has high crude protein content, high digestibility, comprehensive amino acids, rich vitamin content, good quality, and utilization high.

2. Root, tuber and melon fruit feed: including sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, etc. This type of feed is crisp and juicy, stimulates appetite, high digestibility of organic substances, and improves nutrient content and digestibility of diets. Has an important role, but not a single feed, must be matched with coarse material, fine material, and then added protein feed in order to achieve satisfactory feeding effect.

3, silage: that is, the green feed stored for winter, spring feed feed off season. Commonly used as silage are: sweet potato vine leaves, cabbage help, carrots, cabbage, grass and so on.

4, roughage: including hay, agricultural and sideline products (crops, vines, vines, shells, straw, etc.), leaves, bad residue, is the main feed for wild boar winter and spring season. Crude feed has high crude fiber content, rich vitamin content, high calcium content but low phosphorus content, and it should be carefully matched with other feeds during feeding.

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