Pay attention to turtle eggs

At present, there are more and more specialized families raising turtles, and some have expanded their breeding scale. In the process of raising turtles, some farmers conduct artificial hatching, which should be promoted. However, in the entire process of artificial hatching, there is a problem in not paying attention to methods in spawning farms. why? Because the eggs are very sensitive to vibration in the early development of the original field. Therefore, I suggest that turtle owners should pay special attention to this issue. So, how should turtle eggs be collected?
The eggs should be collected at 6 to 8 o'clock in the morning. Before the oviposition, traces of the arrival of turtle claws and webs should be used to find where the spawning takes place. You can gently insert the fingers into the sand and use your fingers to touch the sand. , gently open the sand, but can not immediately take eggs. Because the "animal pole" of the egg produced on that day is not obvious, it has a certain influence on the egg after the movement. Therefore, after the egg is found, it is necessary to insert a label on the sand and wait until the next day. When picking the eggs, gently pick them up along the arrangement of the eggs. Do not use a single finger to get them. After the eggs are removed, lay them flat on the sand table. If there is a white circle at the center of the egg, it is a fertilized egg, otherwise it is an unfertilized egg and should be removed. The fertilized eggs are marked with time to facilitate the calculation of the hatching time of the turtle. After the eggs are removed, the sand is leveled to facilitate the turtle's respawn.

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