JMT mechanical cotton wool removal machine

This machine is developed and produced by Yizheng Huayu Machinery Factory of Jiangsu Province and can be used for the cotton wool seedling removal processing. It adopts the pure mechanical method to reduce the cashmere rate of the cotton seed and facilitate the selection, coating and sowing of the cotton seed; The use of steel brush to remove fluff without using acid is an alternative to chemical fluffing. It has no pollution to the environment and has a low processing cost.

The mechanical structure of the machine is characterized by that the fluffing machine is composed of a brush cylinder and a screen cylinder to form a fluffing unit, and the fluffing unit is placed in the fluffing chamber to form a fluffing machine. The hairseeds enter the machine and are fluffed off by the fluffing unit. The light seed is discharged. The linters are collected by a separate lint collection machine. The gaps in the fluffing chambers are adjustable. After the bristles wear out, they are compensated for long service life.

Main technical indicators: (1) Productivity: 400 kg/hour; (2) Matched power: 15 kilowatts; (3) Dimensions (length, width, height): 2.64 meters, 0.9 meters, 2.32 meters; (4) Remnant velvet rate: 0.5-2%, adjustable; (5) Cotton The increase in mechanical damage rate is less than 5%.

White Garlic,also called Normal White Garlic or purple white garlic,is the most common garlic variety of Shandong,China. The skin of normal white garlic is basically white but White garlic also has a few purple stripes on it.

Normal white garlic, new crop

1. Commodity name: Normal White Garlic (Regular white garlic or Single Clove Garlic)

2. Feature: strongly spicy, milk white flesh, naturally bright color, no burnt, no mouldy, no broken, no dirt skins, no mechanical damaged, 1-1.5cm stem length, roots cleaness.
3. Size: 4.5-5.0cm, 5.0-5.5cm, 5.5-6.0cm, 6.0-6.5cm, 6.5cm & up.
4. Packing:
1) Loose packing(inner string bag):

 a) 5kgs/carton, b) 10kgs/carton, c) 20kgs/carton; d) 5kgs/mesh bag, e) 10kgs/mesh bag, f) 20kgs/mesh bag
2) Prepacking:
a) 1kg*10bags/carton    b) 500g*20bags/carton      c) 250g*40bags/carton
d) 1kg*10bags/mesh bag e) 500g*20bags/mesh bag   f) 250g*40bags/mesh bag
g) prepacked by 1pc/bag, 2pcs/bag, 3pcs/bag, 4pcs/bag, 5pcs/bag, 6pcs/bag, 7pcs/bag, 8pcs/bag, 9pcs/bag, 10pcs/ba, 12pcs/bag, then packed with 5 or 10kgs carton, 5 or 10kgs mesh bag outside h) packed according to clients' requirements.
5. Supply period: all the year round
a) Fresh Garlic: early June to end August
b) Cold storaged garlic: early September to the next middle May
6. Conveyance:
a) Cartons: 24-27.5MT/40' HR (If palletized: 24Mt/40' HR)
b) Bags: 26-30Mt/40' HR
7. Transporting and storing temperature: -3°C--+2°C
8. Shelf life: stored for up to 12 months in proper conditions

Normal White GarlicFresh Garlic

Normal White Garlic

Normal White Garlic

Normal White Garlic,Fresh Normal White Garlic,White Garlic,Single Clove Garlic