Spring cure fruit flow plastic

Pear, plum, apricot, cherry, and other fruit-fruited mature fruit trees and pods are prone to gummy disease, and fruit and shoots also have this disease. The glue that came out was light yellow and transparent, and it gradually turned reddish-brown after coagulation. The diseased part was slightly swollen, the cortex and xylem became brown and rot, and other bacteria were saprophytic. The tree vigor declined, and the leaves were small and yellowish, and the branches were severe. Dry death has seriously affected the economic benefits of fruit production. In recent years, we used lime powder in orchards to carry out trials and tests on fruit tree defoliation and achieved significant results. The cure rate was 100%.

1. Select a high-quality quicklime block with a small amount of hydration and apply quicklime powder to the plastic. After 5-7 days of coating, the fluid will disappear naturally, no recurrence, no environmental pollution.

2. The best period for controlling fruit tree gum disease is when the sap of spring fruit trees begins to flow. Because the flow of glue is at the initial stage, timely control will not affect the nutrient consumption of fruit trees.

3, flow plastic is serious or old fruit trees, in the prevention and control of plastic flow should be scraped with a scraper to remove the flow of plastic or old skin, exposed after the tender skin lime powder, control effect is better.

4, this method can also be found at any time during the growth period of fruit trees at any time with lime powder control, can receive better control effect.

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