Keeping good grass carp also needs fungus to help!

Keeping good grass carp also needs fungus to help!
Grass carp, also known as carp, is a staple food for aquatic and terrestrial plants, particularly for grasses and animal foods such as insects. If the supply of forage grass is sufficient, grass carp can also feed on pasture. Compared with other fish, its meat quality is unique to the quality of green products. Therefore, grass carp is a kind of freshwater fish species that is popular among consumers and has a promising market prospect.
However, due to the fact that the grass carp is more diseased in the breeding process, many fish farmers are deterred from grass carp farming. However, grass carp breeding has the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency. As long as the proper prevention methods are adopted, the survival rate of grass carp can still be improved, and the addition of fungus fertilizer (such as Golden Baby microbial fertilizer is a very good one) can play a very good role. effect. According to the experience of some grass carp farmers, we must pay attention to the following points when we raise grass carp: (1) Prevent disease. In daily management, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of fish diseases, and do not wait for the medication to be used blindly after the outbreak of fish disease. (2) medication. Fish farmers must be cautious when choosing fish medicines. Do not believe that some fishery dealers are unrealistic. (3) feed. In the usual breeding process, we must adhere to the main material, with grass accessories, the daily feed rate of not more than 2%, to prevent grass carp violence. (4) Fungal fertilizer. Raising grass carp with fertilizers can not only make the water clean, but also make the ponds plump. The most important thing is that the microorganisms in the fungus fertilizer can reduce the disease of grass carp. It can be said that it is a triple effect.


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