Jiangxi to achieve children's two diseases free of charge full coverage

In 2011, the election activities of the nation’s top ten most influential medical reform initiatives were announced. The “Full Coverage for the Reimbursement of Jiangxi Children for Two Diseases” was selected. This is the success of the “Bright Smile” project and the completion of the country’s basic coverage of the basic drug system one year ahead of schedule. The province’s medical reform work has won this honor for three consecutive years.

In August 2010, our province provided free trials for children's leukemia across the province and congenital heart diseases in 5 districts and cities. In April 2011, the treatment coverage covered the entire province, accumulatively treating 354 children with leukemia. 3898 children with congenital heart disease did not have a medical accident.

There are three salient features in our province's free treatment work: First, the treatment is free of charge; second, the scope of treatment covers the children in urban and rural areas of the province; and third, the treatment of diseases is increased from 6 designated by the Ministry of Health to 10 kinds.

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