Anji white tea brewing method

Anji white tea is made with green tea processing technology. It is a kind of green tea. Its white color is because its raw materials are processed from a kind of white tea tree. Anji white tea tastes very good, not bitter or astringent, fragrant and simple nose. So how does Anji white tea soak?
1. Equipment for preparing Anji white tea: Prepare the utensils of Anji white tea one by one on the stage.
2. Prepare the water for brewing Anji White Tea: Pour boiling water in a glass jug for use.
3. Look at the water: Take the source water of the Huangpu River, rush into the water bottle, insert the fresh leaves of white tea, clear the spring water, and float the branches in the water to give people a sense of movement.
4. Select the fresh leaves of Anji white tea: Anji white tea leaves resemble orchids, white leaves, green veins, and fresh leaves.
5. Warm Cup: Pour a little boiling water in the cup, cups with both hands, turn the water and pour it on Meng.
6. Set tea: Use a teaspoon to take the Anji white tea a little and place it in the tea stalk. Then put about 3 grams of white tea into each cup.
7. Infiltration blisters: lift the kettle into the cup along the wall of the cup, the amount of water is about one-fourth of the cup, the purpose is to infiltrate the tea to make it unfold.
8. Yun tea away from Hong Xiang: left hand care cup bottom, right hand cup, tea cup clockwise rotation, so that the tea further absorb water, aroma full play, about 0.5 minutes away.
9. Brewing: When brewing, use the spin injection method, you can appreciate that the tea leaves rotate up and down in the cup. It is advisable to control the amount of water in about two-thirds of the cup. Allow to stand for 2 minutes after brewing.
10. Bong Tea: Use the tea tray to deliver the freshly brewed Anji white tea to the guests.
11. Tasting tea: Anji white tea is the first to smell sweet, and then to look at the buds and leaves of the white and transparent jade and white in the soup and the cup, and then drink in a small mouth. The tea taste is fresh and cool, the aftertaste is sweet, and the mouth is fragrant.
12. Observing the bottom of the leaves: Anji white tea is different from other teas. Except for its taste and fresh alcohol, the aroma is elegant. The transparent leaf and green veins of the stem are unique characteristics. At the end of the view, you can see the beautiful posture of the brewed tea in the floating plate.
13. Receiving: After guests leave for tea, they must reap promptly and greet the guests with farewell.
Before the brewing, we must pay attention to the choice of tea. We must choose a bud and two leaves for the first exhibition. The green and fresh green tea should have a golden yellow color, and the aroma should be clear and fresh, the appearance should be fine, and the uniform high-quality Anji white tea should be prepared. The water temperature should not be too high, it is generally appropriate to control at 80-85°C. Brew Anji white tea use transparent glass or transparent glass cover bowl. In this way, you can enjoy the experience of Anji white tea resembling phoenix feathers, white jade leaves, green veins, fresh and cool glycols' vision and taste.

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