Vegetables should be planted in close proximity

Too large planting densities of tomatoes and cucumbers is a common problem, resulting in serious plant growth, thin stalks, and other issues. The prolonged growth of vegetables and the weakness of the trees are one of the main problems that affect the production of vegetables. It is very common.

Many vegetable farmers cherry tomatoes stalk is very weak, even the upper part of the straw thickness. With such a thin stem and too small leaves, the fruit development will not be very good. Because the yield per plant is directly proportional to the thickness of the stem. The dense planting, thin stalks, shaded leaves and poor photosynthesis are the main reasons for the small fruit.

If the density is too large, the leaves of the plants will be blocked each other and the light will be insufficient. In order to “race for” more sunlight, the plants will begin to “work hard” to grow upwards, and the internodes will become longer, the leaves will become larger, and the phenomenon of tall or leggy will appear. Under the same conditions, the photosynthetic products produced by the plants on a daily basis are certain, and more photosynthetic products for vegetative growth of stems, leaves, etc. are used, and fewer fruits are used to produce vegetables, and the yield is also low. Moreover, lack of photosynthetic products will greatly affect the differentiation of flower buds and fruit development of vegetables. The abnormal fruit of tomatoes, the melons of cucumbers, etc. occur more, and the quality of vegetables is significantly reduced.

Vegetable cultivation promotes proper close planting, but it is not as dense as possible. To solve the problem of vegetable growth, we must start by adjusting the planting density. There are differences in planting habits and density in different parts of the country, but the overall difference is not too great. After planting tests in various places, the suitable density of tomatoes and peppers is 2000-2200 strains per mu, and the appropriate density of cucumbers is 2800-3000 strains per mu.

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